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A warm welcome to Varberg and Hotel Blanka.

In the 14th century, Sweden's then Queen Blanka lived in Varberg. Feel the winds of Drottning Blanka's Varberg. When you visit us, you will experience a unique hotel environment with an exciting history.


 The hotel has 16 rooms, with 4 different room types. Little Queen, Royal Queen, Royal Twin and Royal King.  All rooms are furnished with exclusive and rustic decor. Choose your favorite room and experience the queen living spa town. 

Outside the entrance awaits a rich selection of restaurants, culture, bathing spots and the West Coast's irresistible beach promenade. 

The property was built by architect Gottfrid Ljungren and was completed in 1905. 

With us you will enjoy yourself!



Welcome to Queen Blanka's hotel. Book your favorite room, with or without breakfast. The hotel has 16 rooms, with 4 different room types. Little Queen, Royal Queen, Royal Twin and Royal King. All rooms are furnished with exclusive and rustic decor.Travel as Queen Blanka, choose the rooms inspired by the Queen's herb garden, or book the rooms of the Queen's beautiful castle. If you want to travel further afield, you can experience the queen's exotic African room. 

Hotel Blanka is waiting for you!





Enjoy our tasty breakfast. We choose raw materials with care. The breakfast buffet is high class with locally produced ingredients.



At Hotel Blanka Wi-Fi is included in all bookings. 



In our beautiful courtyard you can enjoy the quiet moment of peace. Have a cup of coffee or take your breakfast with you when the sun warms among the greenery.

Nice and clean


Hotel Blanka wants you to experience your stay in a clean and luxurious environment. We look after the hotel with care. 


From the hotel you can reach the promenade's many bathing spots. Borrow a bathrobe and visit the cold bath house, The thermal bath house or find your own cozy bathing cliff. 

Room service

You can also book a luxurious welcome package that will be in your room when you check in. 





Varberg's City Walk


Join the city's interesting story tellers on a city tour of Varberg's beautiful properties, unique places and exciting stories. 

Varberg's Fortress


Queen Blanka found her place on earth! A small oasis at Varberg's fortress where she spent her days off and enjoyed an outstanding sea view. She called the place Queen Blanka's herb garden. Travel back in time to Varberg's fortress and feel the breezes from Queen Blanka's herb garden. Today you can enjoy a bite to eat, go to Halland's cultural history museum and enjoy the beautiful view. 

Varbergs Torghandel


Around the corner from the hotel you will find Varberg's main square. Many came here by horse and cart to a meeting place for their business. Even today, you can experience a lively market square with history. 

Here you can experience Square Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The beech forests


Queen Blanka was very interested in the West and nature. Explore Varberg's beautiful recreation areas and hike in the beech forests. 

Varberg's Tropicarium


Fantastic excursion destination for the whole family. In the scenic Tvååker meet, there is a Tropicarium with, among other things, reptiles, monkeys and turtles. Meet and feed Frank the giant turtle.

Varberg's Kallbadhus


One of the west coast's gems. Here you can enjoy an energizing and cooling dip in the sea all year round. After the bath, you can enjoy a warm sauna with a view of Kategatt. 


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